Simplicity Lifestyle (Photography)

I not too sure when, but I notice that I have changed ever since I grow older. I am assuming that this is what we always say, You have grown wiser. ^.^

When I was young, I always think that money is everything. I need to work hard for the money. I need the money in order to be able to do anything.

However, as an when time flies, I realise, money really isn’t everything. If you are not happy with what you are doing and if you will have to betray your belief in order to satisfy others, soon you will realise that aware that your mindset will be drained off with negativity. Reason being is you are working with full of hatred.

Instead of seeking for materialistic, I now seek for peaceful and simplicity lifestyle. I always keep this sentence in my mind that “I come into this world with empty handed; One day, I will have to leave this world with empty handed as well”. As long as I do everything with my sincere heart, I believe GOD will always be with me and will be guiding me towards the right path. philip-islandPhilip Island, Australia – 2015

Hello November 2016, I know you will be nice to me this month =)

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