Raindrop Represent My Tears (Photoblog)

Recently, I have found out my passion hobby which is blogging. I am a person who does not know how to express my own feeling. I always keep it to myself. Sometimes, is really very tiring because is really pain inside me.

I notice that I able to express myself here. My wording might not be as good as a professional blogger; however, I wish to improve myself so that I able to write better.

Working life is tough recently. Confusion and negativity feeling increasing. Trying very hard now.

Recently is a raining season. Is also my feelings too. Tired, angry and disappointed. The raindrop represents my tears in my heart. Hoping everything will be better soon.


Pink Flower (Photoblog)

I always remind myself that life is very short. That is why I will always tell myself, appreciate what I ever I have right now.

I always appreciate nature. I always feel they are very special because they are beautiful and I think they are the only one who will not sabotage anyone.

I always love the pink colour. They always look sweet and nice. That is why nature with pink colour always attract my attention. Snap this flower at Hang Zhou, China.

Even though I love Pink, but I am not a girlish person. I am a person who people always call, Alpha Girl.

Pink isn’t just a colour, is an attitude. ^.^hang-zhou

Long Long Way To Go (Photoblog)

How I see my life is “Long Long Way To Go”. At the age of 28 this year, I still have a long way to go before I gave up on anything. I am now learning not to be too offensive and learning not to give up easily.

Continue to walk forward, not walking backwards. There are a lot of devils around and I shall not be defeated by those devils.


Long Long Way To Go (Sekinchan)

My Little Panda (photoblog)

He is my little panda. I love him so much because he is my buddy, my motivator, my mood and my life. He is also one of the reason why I work so hard because, his maintenance is not cheap 😝😂 

My 2nd shoot using my new Sony a5100. He is my lovely panda, monnie boy boy.. 

My New Toy Sony A5100L

Finally, after long research on the A series, I decided to choose A5100. Earlier I wanted A6000, however, in the market, there isn’t enough stock.

So I choose the younger brother of A6000 which is A5100. The specs and functions are about the same, just A5100 not allowing me to affix external flash. Should be alright for me because I don’t really plan to buy any external flash.

Cost me about RM1,800.00. I owned a DSLR Nikon D3300. Is good but I want one which I able to keep in my handbag 24hrs.

So I decided to get one more compact version but works like DSLR 😊 Why I choose white? Cause all my camera is black in colour. So I choose white this round. Looking for casing to avoid white colour turn to black 😬

My first picture capture using A5100. Not a very nice shoot but will try to familiarize it 😅

Colourful Life Journey (Photoblog)

I always use this sentence “Life is Short” as a reminder. Why must we waste our life with dark colour? Why not make it colourful, so that we have a happy life.

I am a whiner person. After so many years of being grumpy, I realise that I am not going to solve any problem if I keep on behaving this way. So I choose to let go and instead of being grumpy, I learn to calm down and search for solutions.

Subsequently, I learn to ignore irritating, arrogant, bad-tempered and pretended behaviour person. Kick them out of my life in order to reduce the negative spirit in my life.

Thereafter, I start to join part time courses to learn new knowledge and make new friends.

This picture I capture in LingShan Brahma Palace, China. How I relate it to my life? In order to reach the destination, I will need to go thru a lot of levels. However, if I ensure the road path is colourful while travelling, I believe I will enjoy my journey. (^.^ )Y