The Bridge to Beautiful Sea View (photography)

I always tell myself to be more confident and be more bold in making any decision. I done my 1st step 2 years ago where I come out from the department which I have worked for 4 years to explore more instead of just administrative task.

Someone did ask me before, “you sure you can do it? Outside world is very different from office”. I confidently told him “Yes, I can do it”.

And after 2 years, I still surviving, still learning, still exploring and very happy with what I’m doing.. My confident level is still not up to the level because I always worry about failing. So I’ll try my very best to improve.

This image below taken at my hometown, Kampung Chuah, Port Dickson.. and it surprise me that there is such beautiful place right behind my house. So what people say is true, if you don’t take a step out from your comfort zone, you will never notice there is a better place to be… 

I name it “The solid bridge lead to beautiful sea view”..2 years ago, if I did not voice out and force myself to take a step out from my comfort zone, I guess I will be struggling doing the job that I’m not passionate with. Today if I continue hiding in my house because is hot outside, I will never notice this beautiful place 😘

~Happy weekend~

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