Gao Ong Yah [Nine Emporer Gods Temple] (Photography)

Welcoming October 2016 with Nine Emporer Gods Festival too. 1st October 2016 to 9th October 2016 is Nine Emporer Festival.

Woke up early in the morning on 1st October to Ampang branch Gao Ong Yah temple for praying. Giving thanks to god for loving me, bless me with family love and healthy body.

I appreciate all the happiness I have now. Is not perfect but is for me to discover and make it wonderful.. 

6 responses to “Gao Ong Yah [Nine Emporer Gods Temple] (Photography)”

  1. Its nice to know about a new festival. Thanks for the post

    1. Welcome Blesson Mathew.. 😊 god bless you..

      1. Even here in India on Oct 1 we had a festival called Navratri (nav-9, ratri-nights) which continues for 9 days.

  2. hello kitty, just stumbled upon your blog, good to know you also celebrate gao ong yah and wrote about it, it was so busy last night with the welcoming of the ‘fortune’ deity. regards, ken.

    1. Thanks Ken… you celebrate Gao Ong Yah too? I learn to ❤️ God more than my corporate social world 😊

      1. no worries, kitty, i celebrate all religious celebrations :), not only Gao Ong Yah. Good to know you found god and are happy, these are the things that matter in life. regards, ken.

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