Blue (Photography)

When life is too tiring to go on.. once a while we will have to look up to the sky and seek for GOD’s comfort as only GOD able to comfort us without outbreak your feeling.


Dear God, I am tired of seeking for direction. How can I go about it…

Happy Birthday~~

Is his 28th birthday… Bought new working bag for him because he wanted a new one. Previously he is using backpack.. everyone say he looking like small bag. So we decided to go in Tumi. He choosen Tumi Andersen Slim Commuter Brief.. Cost me RM2190.00 🤑 

This time round more special, he can emboss his initial on the bag. 

For me, I also bought a new bag.. my current Longchamp is getting dirty because he colour is beige.. that is why I decided to buy one so that I able to send the old one for cleaning.  

I choosen Top Handle Bag Grey (Medium size) and it cost me RM855.00.. This is the first time I buy my own bag😅😂

Dear God~~

When you believe GOD existence, you will believe how powerful they are.

When I’m hating somebody and wanted to start cursing, I will pray for GOD strength to protect me, to ensure I do not say something that is bad as I know I will be punished for saying vulgar language.

Each and every race have their own GOD to believe. Always respect each other believe and every GOD will bless you. =)


“Jesus Is Coming” – Australia



Hungry Ghost Festival 2016 – Malaysia


Pandora July Droplet

Do you believe in the power of Crystal Stone?

I do believe. That is why I love crystal. I always believe crystal able to heal my emotion, my sickness and support me by giving me more positive energy.

Amethyst is always my favourite. This is actually a February birthstone. I love Amethyst is because it enhances psychic abilities & spiritual awareness. It also brings wisdom, balance & patient.

Today, I bought a colour stone which belongs to my birthday. That is Ruby Stone. Ruby helps strengthen health effect where actually I kind of need it. My health is getting worst and I gets tired very fast recently.

Bought Pandora Autumn 2016 edition ring which is July Droplet ring. Lovely ring with very nice colour stone. Is cost me RM219.00.


Hello September 2016

Goodbye, August 2016 and welcome September 2016. This month is my crazy month. Every weekend I have activities where I will need to be on duty.

I still looking for my passion. Looking for my direction. Is not easy of course, but as long as I keep on looking for it, they will come to me one day.

Happy September 2016….

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