I’m An Ordinary Girl

I’m not a rich girl.

My dad and mum are the ordinary people who did not complete their education until University. We did not stay in a big house, drive big cars, branded accessories and we do not have the privilege to purchase expensive things without using our hard earn saving.

I am not complaining about my ordinary life however, I would love to express how lucky I am to have this ordinary lifestyle. How lucky I am to have both my beloved dad and mum who always love us, spend time with us and provide us everything we needed.

My beloved Dad, he loves to stay at home with us. He always feels happy whenever we are around him. He travels before sunrise to work and will only be back after sunset. He did it with no complaints.

My mum, she wakes up early morning to prepare breakfast and lunch for us. She doesn’t like us eating outside food. No matter how tired she is, she will still wake up earlier to prepare our meal.

How could I complain anymore? I have ordinary lifestyle, but I have the best dad and mum.

Thank you for your love.

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