My Macbook Pro For My New Mission

Finally after taking long consideration, I bought a Macbook Pro. 10 years ago, I am an anti-Apple product person because when I first started using Apple product is was Ipad first generation. I called them a stingy product.

1st reason is due to at that time, they are own their own. Apple User will not be able to link with others like Google and Microsoft. I am not too sure is because I don’t know how to used it or in actual, they are not linked. I got so frustrated at that time.

2nd reason, I remember at that time, if I intend to pull out any photo, I will have to go thru Itunes. If I wanted to download any photos into the iPad, I also have to go thru Itunes. Everything will need to go thru Itunes. I find it very troublesome and of course, they have mentioned it all this is for security protection purpose. However, is seriously inconvenient.

I have given up the Ipad after few months of usage and past it to my dad and he used it just to watch Youtube and analyse 4D =.=”.

After 10 years, my boyfriend has convinced me to try out again on Apple products. He bought me an Ipad for my birthday present. After I start using, I realise they really have changed. They are accepting Google, Gmail, Microsoft.

Thereafter, I have gotten an iPhone 6 Plus. There is where I start to realise, I think I am alright with Apple products. After nearly close to a year using iPhone, I realise I got a feeling of investing one Mac because I start practising my graphic skill. I have considered it for a few years. Pricing is the one has stopped me. Is very expensive and plus the Adobe software, it will cost me a bomb.

But today, I tell myself that I really want to go into having my own website sharing my graphic skill because I really love graphic design. It has become my hobby now that enable me wanted to do more. In addition, Apple authorised seller is having this promotion where student / teacher will entitle for 10% discount after showing their ID. I am a part-time student, so I do not have an official ID, so I have used my younger brother ID. So I got my Macbook Pro for RM5,700.00.

Start creating my website. Currently, is still in progress. I wish I able to publish soonest possible. 


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