Corporate Society, Unfriendly World

I have been working with the corporate company for close to 7 years. The same company for 7 years. I have been asking the same questions to myself for 7 years too. “Why corporate society is so unkind and selfish”; “Do I want to stay long term in corporate society”.

I always believe that as long as you are kind and honest, everything will be ok. However, it seems is not like it. In the corporate world, in order to be noticed, people kill each other, backstepping and kill the other person to cover their own mistake.

It did happen to me few times. I always treat my colleague with my sincere heart. There is a possibility that the way of my communication is not acceptable, that is why some people will feel that I am taking over their job. When I reminded them of their task, they feel that I busy body and told my superior that I am a very noisy person. I tell myself thereafter that I will never comment, remind and help that particular person anymore. If you do not appreciate my kindness, I am sorry, you will never get anything from me anymore.

Another time, it occurred few years back when I’m working in HQ. I always show my dissatisfaction feeling whenever I not able to agree with the ways management conduct their working process. Management always highlighted that they practice openness, but each time we comment about any dissatisfaction, we will be blacklisted and being categories as gossiping grouping.

I was reading this article from  which is “10 Things Every Employee Should Know About the Corporate World” I agreed with the 3rd point which will be, Understand that politics is a fact of corporate life and learn to deal with it. I hate politics. Especially for those who crawl up to a higher position by killing their own colleague.

I started to hate being in the corporate world. I hate all the cruelty behaviour, the unfriendly behaviour and arrogant behaviour. Positioning  is never my priority. I never put my position as important as my skill. I preferred being recognised with the achievement I have completed instead of my positioning. Sadly, most of the corporate society only look highly on people which higher position.

I am searching for my passion and my own world which I can earn my living but in the same time with proper way instead of cruelty and arrogantly. I want to be myself. Not a barbie doll.



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