Heartbreak Feeling

-I am trying to throw out my heartbreak-

Just like every girl dream, they wish their other half treated them like a princess, be gentle with them, listen to them, talk to them. But, sadly to say, perfect men does not always exists. Sometimes, I feel like everything is my fault. Nothing I do is correct. Am I that dumb?

Gradually, I have chosen to compromise with those negative feeling. Maybe I’m not perfect, maybe I am wrong. I also start to ignore those negative feeling. I choose to keep quite. However, I feel tired to being the only one always compromising. I not too sure when I will give up. I will always try and keep on searching for my happiness.

Is either I completely let it go and fly or I take and endure the pain. I have done everything I can to sustain this relationship. It might be wrong way and it might be bad for both of us, but at the very least, I have tried my very best.

I just want to say, I’m tired…..

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