Biotherm Promotions

Is time to replenish my facial stock. Luckily I did not replenish earlier. Currently One Utama is having thematic booth which is “Be You” Roadshow. 

There are few beauty booth there, I can see Caring Pharmacy, O.P.I, thai message and a lot more.. The one I am interested is Biotherm Booth because is time for me to replenish my facial stock. I spend about RM970.00 and used RM100 Parkson voucher to buy Toner. So in actual I have spend about RM1k there…🙈😱Purchase with free gift. You will be rewarded with Funky Gift if you purchase RM150.00 and above. I purchase more than that 😝😂

Nike Flex 

After brunch, we went to Tesco Kepong because my brother need to buy Ausi. He is travelling to Australia soon.

Then we decided to drop by Ativo because Topper Sports @ Ativo having buy 2 free 1 promotions. Today is my brother birthday, that is why mom asked him choose and my youngest brother and myself take the oppurtunity to also choose too as an early birthday present. She say this is call 1 stone kill 3 bird.. 😁

After 15 minutes of surveying, I have chosen Nike Flex Purple which cost RM329.00. Nice colour huh… 😄 My second favourite colour is puple. This will be my casual shoe because my workout shoes is Under Armour. 

Can’t wait to go shopping with this new shoe…

Heartbreak Feeling

-I am trying to throw out my heartbreak-

Just like every girl dream, they wish their other half treated them like a princess, be gentle with them, listen to them, talk to them. But, sadly to say, perfect men does not always exists. Sometimes, I feel like everything is my fault. Nothing I do is correct. Am I that dumb?

Gradually, I have chosen to compromise with those negative feeling. Maybe I’m not perfect, maybe I am wrong. I also start to ignore those negative feeling. I choose to keep quite. However, I feel tired to being the only one always compromising. I not too sure when I will give up. I will always try and keep on searching for my happiness.

Is either I completely let it go and fly or I take and endure the pain. I have done everything I can to sustain this relationship. It might be wrong way and it might be bad for both of us, but at the very least, I have tried my very best.

I just want to say, I’m tired…..