Hello Kitty Fruity Run Malaysia 2016

Event held on 6th March 2016 at Taman Botani Perdana. This 5 KM fun run is organized by PinkApple. They have one at Singapore last year. This is the first time they have it in Malaysia.

After long waiting, finally able to collect the running kit. The running kit needed to be collected at Sunway Pyramid. Look at the wonderful collection booth. With those Hello Kitty Fruity Stand, how I wish I can take one back to display. That will be dame cool.      They even have counter selling Hello Kitty Run Singapore merchandise. The whole set cost RM80.00. Without hesitation, I grab the whole set as part of my collection. I love the running shirt. Look so cute.

With RM150.00 of registrations fee, we will be able to get the cutie T-Shirt, drawstring bag, running medal, and a plush key chain. On the running kit collection day, we only getting the shirt, string bag and some other small merchandise from sponsors. The finisher medal and plush key chain will only able to collect once participant complete the 5KM run.
On the event day, I did not expect a lot of participants because from the social media website, there are lots of people complaining that the run is expensive because it cost RM150.00 per person. Surprisingly, there are crazy a lot of people. From couples, families and teenagers. There are really a lot of Hello Kitty Fans in Malaysia I guess. There are 2 wave. 1st wave will flag off at 8.00am and 2nd wave flag off at 8.30am. Reason being is to avoid the road too crowded.

Look who is here to flag off the run. Our beloved artist, Hello Kitty… 
During the run, they have arrange few pit stop. The first zone is Strawberry Zone where they giving out mineral water for runner. The second zone is Mango Zone where they giving out Mango juice sponsor by Pokka. The  third zone is Durian Zone, where they are distibuting durian sweet.I did not manage to capture the sweet picture (forgotten as I don’t eat sweet, I gave it out to kids around the event). 
Finally, finish the 5KM run. Got the medal and the plushie. So cute. Worth running for it.  
Took some nice picture of the event area before I left the place. There have few games booth for particiapants to enjoy after the run. I only participat in one which is Mystery Box. After that I left with happy feeling.

My most wonderful run for 2016. I love Hello Kitty.. 




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