Happy Chinese New Year 2016

Happy CNY to all…. Today is the first day of fire monkey year…. As usual…this will be the best time to rest..eat…gathering and meet up…

This year…i have bought a new bag for my CNY 2016. Cath Kidston mini busy bag… Apart from Longchamp… I love Cath Kidston bag too..is so cute and is water proof..

Cath Kidston One Utama is having cny promotions. Bought the sling bag with 30% discount. I think after discount js about rm200++…Can’t remember the price… 

After spending about 15minutes in the store…spotted a cute floral make up bag..couldn’t resist the cuteness…with 10% discount… I decided to get it…after discout it cost me about  RM86.00. Come with the mirror as well 😍 

Thereafter…I spotted the travel purse with 50% discount. Previously I have bought one where I used it as my working tag + name card holder. But with my boyish style..The rubber at the side of the surrounding holder torn off. So decided to purchase one to replace the old one for the fire monkey   

 I just feel lucky because of the promotions I managed to get additional gift… With every spend of RM340.00 and above… I will be getting a free ticket holder.. I used it to keep my credit card, identity card and driving licence..   May 2016 be a better year for everyone…😄😉My first day of CNY 2016 outfit  

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