Restock time…

Every girls love to be pretty… That is why most of the girls spend half of their salary on facial and make up items.. For me…I spend on good facial products…. I never like to make up because I am a lazy person..I have been using Biotherm products for many many years.. 

I love their products because my face has no problem using them. Most the brand I use will only last me less than a year….

Recently I restock the serum and essence..I always ensure I have enough stock to replenish. I need them every day and night. They are having promotions.. By spending RM900.00 and above we will br getting a luggaga bag. 

This will be my second luggage bag from Biotherm. Last year was red… This year is blue…suit their new launch product which is Life Plankton Mask.

I have been using their Life Plankton Essense since last year..Feeling good and amazing… Wanted to try out the mask..but I have bought Laneige Sleeping Mask to try out the effect (after trying out I feel it was just so so only…) so the kind sales lady gave me a sample of their new mask to try out first.. 



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