Restock time…

Every girls love to be pretty... That is why most of the girls spend half of their salary on facial and make up items.. For me...I spend on good facial products.... I never like to make up because I am a lazy person..I have been using Biotherm products for many many years..  I love their... Continue Reading →


Cleaning Day πŸ€“

Today is my room cleaning day... Gosh.... So dusty the whole room... It really takes me whole day to clean the room.... But the outcome is not so bad huh.. 😝  Love the carpet session soo much... That is where I can role around when I have new puzzle.. 😍My working section...also my movie section....😎... Continue Reading →

Pandora Valentine’s Edition 2016

Ladies favourite day...which is receiving present for Valentine's Day... Got mine very early this year... Passing by the Pandora shop at One Utama and saw the valentine's version..walked in and fall in love with the pinkish heart charms....  While enjoying the heart charms..I realise there is one little cutie staring at me.. Hahaha..look at this... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year 2016

Time flies...and the first week of January 2016 ending soon... New year resolution is to be more organize and no last minute work.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ Bought new planner...just to get myself to be more organize. 2015 is a hectic year for me. Lots of last minute work and rushing work. The Love Doki China colleague... Continue Reading →

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