New Year Fitness Gear 

2015 ending soon…and bought myself new fitness gear..Under Armour having year end 25% sales on selected item..

Bought new running shoes and sports bra for 25% off and Cap for membership 10% off.  

Love the pinky sports bra…cost me RM119.25  My Adidas cap will be replace with this cool cap… 😎 cost me RM71.10   The most important is UA Speedform Gemini..Is meant for outdoor run and indoor run..Will start participating in Marathon next year..skip for a year… Cost me RM449.25  For every spend of RM500, will be entitle for a paracord bracelet… My partner bought a shoe as well.. So we seperate the receipt and got 2 ✌🏿️  Spend almost RM1k in just one day…OMG 😱..sooo broke…  

2 responses to “New Year Fitness Gear ”

  1. I love the pink sports bra, so pretty! You chose some awesome stuff 🙂

    1. Thanks Anne…..Happy New Year…

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