Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia

As usual… I will never miss the opportunity  to visit my Hello Kitty Paradise… Happening now at Viva Home Shopping Mall at Cheras..

I went on the 3rd day after they launch and bought the weekday ticket which cost me RM45.00 perperson. This weekday ticket come with one badge and if you have chosen PWP you can either purchase TNG Card for RM30.00 or Hello Kitty Mug for RM39.00. As usual, I will drag my bf along with me..so I bought two ticket and choosen both PWP items 😘

Look at the entrance…such a wonderful entrance.. Feeling so happy when I arrive..  Ticket with two gamr voucher each.. This is the map…and how I wish I can have a copy of this map..They selling few Hello Kitty Go Around Merchandise.. I didn’t buy all of course because is pricy.. 😂 

 Love this plush hello kitty alot..but decided to just take photo for memory..because my room is full….😉   Hello Kitty Go Around T-shirt…lovely huh…..  

 Start rounding the Hello Kitty…such a lovely visit.                      

Last stop before go off…only can enter one time for photo shooting..   Towards the exit point..feel so reluctant to go..but…. Is time to go back….lucky enough I able to bring back few souvenirs.. Didn’t manage to win any plush 😂 still waiting for the mug to arrive… 😘   




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