Be Calm and Stay Positive

After my uncle past away, I tried to reflect myself. What have I done? What am I doing? What I want to do? How I want to do it? Why I want this? Where should I start?

All this question is jumbling around my mind and makes me feel that I really have to stay calm and be positive. I have been very negative for the past 5 years. I keep on insulting and cursing on the person who I hate. I always burst temper when I not able to solve the problem. I start shouting every time I nervous. I always back off when I wanted to do something. I always think that I not okay.

Life is too short for me to think all these without solving it. Now that I have reflect back, why should I curse the person who is putting the negative energy on me? It reflected that I am just like one of them. I should be calm and smile and show to the evil person how stupid is him/her. I constantly reminding myself NOW to be calm and listen instate of commenting / arguing. Avoid fake and drama person. They will not help you but to kill you.

I should start doing this that I feel like doing and go ahead with full positive energy that I CAN DO IT!!

Stay calm with my believe, “What Goes Around Comes Around”. What ever bad action we are doing, God is observing. One day, they will have to return with punishment.

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