Our Culture, Our Believe

Went to Kuala Selangor on 4th Ocotber to participate in a meaningful praying ceremony. Myself and my family went there to ask favor from god for family health and peace.

We call this Peaceful Bridge..Once the ceremony started, the 12 Chinese zodiac will takes turn to cross the Bridge. Huge beautiful praying joystick..I not too sure why do they need such a big joystick but is really beautiful.. 


Huge pineapple made by Joss Paper. Sometimes I really very impress how they made it. Different people have different skilss.  As a kid, I use to enjoy the time in temple as we will be playing around with no stress. These kids are really having fun with their cartoon balloons..   Ceremony started and I really not too sure what is the paper horse for… I myself are curious with it.  
 People are crossing the well known peaceful bridge.. Young and old….

Interesting huh…but I pray hard for my parents and my siblings health and safety…pray for my bf family health and safety…that is all I need…


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