Childhood Memories, Naive Moments

Went back to hometown for Grandpa birthday celebration. Everyone is around and he must be very happy with the noise because is been sometime the house is quiet. Everybody is busy with their own work and family most of the time.  

Then we went to temple for praying and it refresh back my childhood memory the moment I reached. The place reminded me of how naive we were and how pure we were once upon a time. Our thinking was so simple that our objectives is to meet each other and play around to have fun. We were so pure that there isnt any bad intention at all. 

Time flies, things change. All of us have grown up to be an adult. Each of us has own commitments. Some still have the pure thinking some will kill each other for money and power. Some worst sabotage others for own benefits. I don’t really understand why we have to be that way. Money really that important that we have to kill each other to have it? I don’t know.  

What I know is, my god will be aware of all this negative action and what goes around comes around 😇 Memory will always be there forever. Is just how much people appreciate it. 


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