Off Day with Family😘

This three day holidays I have spend my time with my family. Not really whole family but spending time with my mom. My dad went outstation for company’s event and my brother went out with his girlfriend family. 

First off day activies, went shopping with mom to restock groceries and household items. Drop by bings for dessert before heading home.. 

Bought a new pillow for my precious boy boy.. He is having fun 🐶  

Second off day activies, whole day at home doing cleaning with mommy… Until dinner time, we drop by Bellstar (western food restaurant) to have relaxing dinner after whole day hardwork 😉  

After a great dinner time with mom, we go back home and have a nice coffee while surfing net and mom play her computer games.. 

Third off day, my brother is back and bring us out breakfast and drop by a bookstore for a casual walk. Found something very interesting which is Mini Garden. Can’t resist its cuteness so decided to purchase 2, 1 for office desk another 1 for my room.   

While waiting for dad to return home, preparing my diary for a new month and new week..  

Is not a best way to spend my off day, but is the best time to be with my mom while dad is not around 😘

1 Heart = No more; 2 Heart = Love more

Photo taken by my love one… Love this photo… Feeling in love again… Is so pretty… 

There will be love more if there are two hearts…both hearts need to contribute in the process 😘 

9 yrs anniversary coming soon….with all the challenges..we are still together… I believe is the compromise, trust, understanding and freedom which makes us together till today…

Love can be very simple just like a piece of white paper; plain and clean… 

Childhood Memories, Naive Moments

Went back to hometown for Grandpa birthday celebration. Everyone is around and he must be very happy with the noise because is been sometime the house is quiet. Everybody is busy with their own work and family most of the time.  

Then we went to temple for praying and it refresh back my childhood memory the moment I reached. The place reminded me of how naive we were and how pure we were once upon a time. Our thinking was so simple that our objectives is to meet each other and play around to have fun. We were so pure that there isnt any bad intention at all. 

Time flies, things change. All of us have grown up to be an adult. Each of us has own commitments. Some still have the pure thinking some will kill each other for money and power. Some worst sabotage others for own benefits. I don’t really understand why we have to be that way. Money really that important that we have to kill each other to have it? I don’t know.  

What I know is, my god will be aware of all this negative action and what goes around comes around 😇 Memory will always be there forever. Is just how much people appreciate it. 


My Beloved Mom

The best person on earth is my mom. Every morning she will wakes up very early to prepare our breakfast and prepare lunch for us to bring over to office. When we told her outside cut fruits are pricy and not worth it, she woke up slightly early to cut fruits for us. 

Today is my off day, take this opportunity to accompany her to morning wet market. I then realise, my mom hand is getting more rough. She is getting older. Then I realise how come I did not realise it all this while. 

I feel so lucky to have her. She wasted her time and life for us. She is the best person on earth. 😘 

Thanks mommy.