Working in Collaboration Environment

Recently everyone is talking about collaboration working environment. It is so easy to tell people to work collaboratively but it is not easy to apply it instantly. Everyone can shout out saying “lets work together!!” but does it work? I seriously don’t know.

I just feel that now a days, everyone is fighting with each other for own benefit. Everyone is blaming each other to cover themselves. Everyone is quoting individual person names instead of saying “WE/OUR”. Instead of working together they have total sub a task to another team and when things screw up they pointing fault on the team. Is seriously very demotivate when you are working in this kind of environment.

How do you feel when 1 day a manager tells you where you are just at an executive level “hey, i will inform the management that you asked me to do this”. Do you feel stupid working with this manager? Is the manager telling me that I have the right to instruct him to do the task?

One of my senior management always tell me “please think first before you do. Always ask yourself is this decision correct, can it be proceed, what are the pros and cons, always ask why”. But sometimes I feel that why are people working blindly. They always say just follow the instructions. Why can’t I asked for more details?

I am trying not to make myself ended up like a useless manager but, when you start seeking for more details, some managers will feel offended and they will feel being threaten. OMG!! I feel so frustrated.

Where is the collaboration practice if everyone is just following blindly without discussion and everyone is blamming each other once things screwed up. What is more sad if things being screwed up, in my opinion, we should solved the problem together, but mostly people will find out who should be blamed. Why must be blame each other and complaint about each other.

So, how and where is the collaborative culture? Searching.. searching..

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