Life Is Too Short To Be Waste

Was shocked when I heard that my uncle pass away on 23rd June 2014. The news come too sudden that I feel so unbelievable. How can a person life being so unpredictable. Today he is fine, tomorrow he is gone. We will not be able to see him again. We will not get to talk to him again. It strike my mind that, I thank God, thank God for still protecting my family. I will appreciate the moment with them.

Why should we kill each other in order to climb higher and by using all the dirty trick, you start to create enemy and everyone start to hate you and avoiding you and hope that you will disappear from their life. Life being hate by others is really bad. What a life.

That is the reason why I always choose to have a simple life. Simple and peaceful life. I believe with simple and peaceful life will lead me to more happy and clean life. I know in this society everything is very realistic, what people always say is “No Money, No Talk! Got Money, Sweet Talk”. So, if I need money, I earn it with my handwork. A clean money with my clean heart.

I always tell myself not to be greedy. The only request I asked from God is please let my family to be healthy and let me have a happy family till the end I end my breath in this world.

Life cycle
Life cycle


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