Negative World, Negative Society, Negative Environment

I always have been wondering, why are people killing each other for own benefit. Why are people bad mouthing other people to get credit for their own. Why can’t everybody help each other and live in a harmony and quite life. Why must they create all this negative environment. The worst part is, own family members is the one creating the negative surrounding. I not sure is it my problem , but I always believe we have to do the right thing and be responsible with what we are doing.

Am I too naive? When I have done something, I never ask for a return or a credit. What I want is to see the other party  is happy and satisfied with my work. In office environment, people always like to chase for credit from bosses and always tried to show bosses that they are doing their job. Worst case, they will start to bad mouth other colleagues in order to get credit from bosses. Some people  always tell me “Hey, present your work to management, show them you are doing work”. Sorry to say, I never want to do that, because I always believe, I don’t have to show my bosses I am doing my work intentionally! If the bosses are a good leader, they can feel it. If the bosses don’t trust me, I have no choice, is their mindset, I can’t force bosses to believe and trust me. As long as my heart is clean and I do my job with my sincere heart, good leader will found me and will allow me to go further. Some people say I am too naive, however, I do still believe, good leader will found me if I continue doing good. I believe God will always protect me from negative people.

In family environment, sorry to say, just like the story line in the Taiwan TV drama, everyone is killing each other to get the benefit. Worst part is, they start to bad mouth own family members to obtain sympathy in order to win their dirty game. I always believe, what goes around comes around. What ever they have done, it will effect on them in near future. It might not happen now, but I strongly believe, it will happen in their next generations. They will have to pay back what ever they have done.

Sometimes, I do always ask myself, why don’t I do it as well, since everyone is doing it, but, I thank God, who I always believe they are around me telling me not to follow the bad steps. Always remember what goes around comes around.




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