Family Relationship vs Career

If you have to choose between family and career which one will you choose?

My answer is always family. I will let go anything for my family. I always prefer to choose simple life. Career is important too but what is life without family love.

I just want to work happily and learn as much as I can because there is still long way to go before I stop working. If everyday I’m thinking about how to go one step higher or how to get superior attention to get higher position, my life is going to be miserable.

Love what you doing and you never going to work a single day. Everyday is a new chapter, why spoil the day with unnecessary issue.

I do appreciate whatever I have now because I have everything I need. I have a perfect daddy and a great mummy, I have 2 funny brothers and 1 cute dog and also I have a lovely boyfriend who always trying to make me laugh with his childish way. 

What else I need? Money? Wealth? Popularity? Branded item? Nop! I don’t think I need those. Maybe I need enough money to cover my living. That is all I need.

-the love of a family is a life’s greatest blessing-

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