Good Heart; Clean Heart; Pure Mentality

Time flies, my one day leave gone. Took leave to clear some banking matter. Manage to resolved the matter and tomorrow will have to go back to work. Luckily is just half day.

I start to feel tired of pleasing someone, sorry to say I feel very scared of the person that I have to pleased because I not sure what is the next step and what the person will do behind my back. Back stepping me? Talk bad about me? Quote my name on something bad? I am seriously very worried and I am praying for miracle now.

I don’t even dare to open my mail box as I’m very worried about what he is going to say in the emails. It makes me feel more tired and that is why I choose not to open. I think I will have to go office slight early to go through all the emails and list down things to do. Sometimes work is not very tiring but pleasing someone which is very sensitive is tiring. 

Can’t wait for my daddy to come back from Africa. I hope things will be better once he is back. As usual, family is always the best as they are the one which have good heart, clean heart and pure mentality towards you. I don’t have to worry being attack. 

-I love them very much- 

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