Why Killing Each Others For The Sake of Achieving Higher Level

Sometimes I seriously don’t understand why corporate world have to be so scary. I always asked myself, do corporate world suits me? I really don’t understand why people have to killed each other for the sake of going higher levels. Holding higher positions does it really so important? I am kind of frustrated sometimes because I couldn’t take it. I always believed that as long as I love what  I am doing and achieved something at the end of the day, that is more than enough. Why do I need to kill others for the sake of getting higher management to praise me. I feel it is very stupid and immature way of working. 

I always believed that if I am treated others sincerely, others will be good to me as well. However the outcome is vice versa. People tend to take advantage on me. They used me for other purpose. My objective in corporate world is to learn as much as I can so that I will have more skills and knowledge. NOT FOR GOING HIGHER LEVEL! I don’t have to tell the whole world what I have done and how good am I. Others will acknowledged my skills if the outcome is positive. I don’t have to betray my ethics to get respect or praise.

If there is any mistake done, admit it and try to solved the problem not blame it on others. Pushing around the world will not solved the problem, it will only create bigger problem. 

So, from now on, I will just make sure I be extra careful in corporate world because not many are sincere. Most of them area very scary.

– Life is Short, why not enjoy every moment with each other than killing each other. Things will be different if everybody think the same way- 

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