Happy Valentine & Chap Goh Mei

I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day normally with my love one as I feel as long as we handle our relationship in a proper manner, every day will be Valentine’s day. Me and my the other half have been together for close to 8 years and I do appreciate every single thing that he has done for me. We do face a lot of challenges and we do argue a lot, but most important is each time we argued, we tried to resolve it and one party will try to compromise.

So, on Valentine’s day, both of us have to work late especially for me. I suppose to leave office by 5.00 pm but not able to make it on time. So while I’m on the way to his house after work, I drop by Starbucks to redeem Valentine’s promotion with Valentine’s Starbucks Card which is buying 1 free 1. We decided to have a steamboat as our Valentine’s dinner instead of a high class restaurant. Simple and nice.


Life is simple. I do always ask myself, why make life difficult. I’m trying to make myself face every single challenge and take it as an experience. I hate myself being very negative most of the time. My new year resolution for this year will face every challenge occur and never break down easily. I believe I can do it!

Most importantly, I am going to tell myself, never takes thing too personally especially in the corporate world in which there are many negative surrounding. I know is not going to be easy for me as I always care about what other people see about me instead of being myself. Dear god, protect me please and let me go through every challenge smoothly.

-lovely Saturday with my family and love one-

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