Tired but Satisfied

Today I am very tired because my manager disappeared again the whole day and I have been running around bringing prospect viewing the unit. Sometimes is also an advantage that he is not around because at least I able to have a quiet and peaceful environment to complete my task.

So, today I can say is the most meaningful day for me after working for 4 years. After 2 months of joining lease marketing and working very hard to understand my new role, I managed to close 1 deal. The potential prospect finally agrees to take up one office unit. It takes time but somehow is worth it. Even though the prospect did not take up the big unit, but is a good start for me.

I’m in love my new responsibility, but nothing is perfect, my challenge now is to ensure my new superior able to be more understanding and be more patient. He is really a bad-tempered person and it makes me feel demotivated each time when he is in office.

Lets just hope everything will be alright. My next challenging task will be Earth Hour Project. Need to start preparing tomorrow. I need a good rest.

-Night World-

2 responses to “Tired but Satisfied”

  1. Well written. May peace be with you 🙂

    1. Thanks Geda Prama. Trying my very best to be very positive in each challenges I faced.

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