Family Relationship vs Career

If you have to choose between family and career which one will you choose? My answer is always family. I will let go anything for my family. I always prefer to choose simple life. Career is important too but what is life without family love. I just want to work happily and learn as much... Continue Reading →


Good Heart; Clean Heart; Pure Mentality

Time flies, my one day leave gone. Took leave to clear some banking matter. Manage to resolved the matter and tomorrow will have to go back to work. Luckily is just half day.I start to feel tired of pleasing someone, sorry to say I feel very scared of the person that I have to pleased... Continue Reading →

My simple yet delicious dinner

Today is Sunday and I told my mom why don't we just have some simple dinner instead of driving out. So mom cook Yee Mee with big big prawn. 4 of us (missing daddy) have simple dinner on Sunday but is delicious because Happy Family ate dinner together. Can't wait for my daddy to come... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine & Chap Goh Mei

I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day normally with my love one as I feel as long as we handle our relationship in a proper manner, every day will be Valentine's day. Me and my the other half have been together for close to 8 years and I do appreciate every single thing that he has... Continue Reading →

Tired but Satisfied

Today I am very tired because my manager disappeared again the whole day and I have been running around bringing prospect viewing the unit. Sometimes is also an advantage that he is not around because at least I able to have a quiet and peaceful environment to complete my task. So, today I can say... Continue Reading →

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