Family Relationship vs Career

If you have to choose between family and career which one will you choose?

My answer is always family. I will let go anything for my family. I always prefer to choose simple life. Career is important too but what is life without family love.

I just want to work happily and learn as much as I can because there is still long way to go before I stop working. If everyday I’m thinking about how to go one step higher or how to get superior attention to get higher position, my life is going to be miserable.

Love what you doing and you never going to work a single day. Everyday is a new chapter, why spoil the day with unnecessary issue.

I do appreciate whatever I have now because I have everything I need. I have a perfect daddy and a great mummy, I have 2 funny brothers and 1 cute dog and also I have a lovely boyfriend who always trying to make me laugh with his childish way. 

What else I need? Money? Wealth? Popularity? Branded item? Nop! I don’t think I need those. Maybe I need enough money to cover my living. That is all I need.

-the love of a family is a life’s greatest blessing-

Good Heart; Clean Heart; Pure Mentality

Time flies, my one day leave gone. Took leave to clear some banking matter. Manage to resolved the matter and tomorrow will have to go back to work. Luckily is just half day.

I start to feel tired of pleasing someone, sorry to say I feel very scared of the person that I have to pleased because I not sure what is the next step and what the person will do behind my back. Back stepping me? Talk bad about me? Quote my name on something bad? I am seriously very worried and I am praying for miracle now.

I don’t even dare to open my mail box as I’m very worried about what he is going to say in the emails. It makes me feel more tired and that is why I choose not to open. I think I will have to go office slight early to go through all the emails and list down things to do. Sometimes work is not very tiring but pleasing someone which is very sensitive is tiring. 

Can’t wait for my daddy to come back from Africa. I hope things will be better once he is back. As usual, family is always the best as they are the one which have good heart, clean heart and pure mentality towards you. I don’t have to worry being attack. 

-I love them very much- 

Why Killing Each Others For The Sake of Achieving Higher Level

Sometimes I seriously don’t understand why corporate world have to be so scary. I always asked myself, do corporate world suits me? I really don’t understand why people have to killed each other for the sake of going higher levels. Holding higher positions does it really so important? I am kind of frustrated sometimes because I couldn’t take it. I always believed that as long as I love what  I am doing and achieved something at the end of the day, that is more than enough. Why do I need to kill others for the sake of getting higher management to praise me. I feel it is very stupid and immature way of working. 

I always believed that if I am treated others sincerely, others will be good to me as well. However the outcome is vice versa. People tend to take advantage on me. They used me for other purpose. My objective in corporate world is to learn as much as I can so that I will have more skills and knowledge. NOT FOR GOING HIGHER LEVEL! I don’t have to tell the whole world what I have done and how good am I. Others will acknowledged my skills if the outcome is positive. I don’t have to betray my ethics to get respect or praise.

If there is any mistake done, admit it and try to solved the problem not blame it on others. Pushing around the world will not solved the problem, it will only create bigger problem. 

So, from now on, I will just make sure I be extra careful in corporate world because not many are sincere. Most of them area very scary.

– Life is Short, why not enjoy every moment with each other than killing each other. Things will be different if everybody think the same way- 

My simple yet delicious dinner


Today is Sunday and I told my mom why don’t we just have some simple dinner instead of driving out. So mom cook Yee Mee with big big prawn.
4 of us (missing daddy) have simple dinner on Sunday but is delicious because Happy Family ate dinner together. Can’t wait for my daddy to come back from his trip. Is not complete without him with us.

-Family Members Is The Most Precious Gift. Love Them Forever-

Happy Valentine & Chap Goh Mei

I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day normally with my love one as I feel as long as we handle our relationship in a proper manner, everyday will be Valentine’s day. Me and my the other half have been together for close to 8 years and I do appreciate every single things that he has done for me. We do faced a lot of challenges and we do argued a lot; but most important is each time we argued, we tried to solved it and one party will tried to compromise. 

So, on Valentine’s day both of us have to work late especially me. I suppose to leave office by 5.00 pm but not able to make it on time. So while i’m on the way to his house after work, I drop by Starbucks to redeem the Valentine’s promotion with Valentine’s Starbucks Card which is buy 1 free 1. We decided to have steamboat as our Valentine’s dinner instead of high class restaurant. Simple and nice. 


Life is simple. I do always asked myself, why make life difficult. I’m trying to make myself face every single challenges and take it as an experience. I hate myself being very negative most of the time. My new year resolution for this year will be face every challenges occur and never break down easily. I believe I can do it!

Most importantly, I am going to tell myself, never takes thing too personally especially in the corporate world which there are many negative surrounding. I know is not going to be easy for me as I always care about what other people see about me instead of being myself. Dear god, protect me please and let me go through every challenges smoothly.

-lovely Saturday with my family and love one- 

Tired but Satisfied

Today I am very tired because my manager disappeared  again the whole day and I have been running around bringing prospect viewing the unit. Sometimes is also an advantage that he is not around because at least I able to have a quite and peaceful environment to complete my task. 

So, today I can say is the most meaningful day for me after working for 4 years. After 2 months of joining lease marketing and working very hard to understand my new role, I managed to close 1 deal. The potential prospect finally agree to take up one office unit. It takes time, but somehow is worth it. Even though prospect did not take up big unit, but is a good start for me. 

I’m in love my new responsibility, but nothing is perfect, my challenge now is to ensure my new superior able to be more understanding and be more patient. He is really a bad tempered person and it make me feel demotivated each time when he is in office. 

Lets just hope everything will be alright. My next challenging task will be Earth Hour Project. Need to start preparing tomorrow. I need a good rest. 

-Night World-