What is Living Minimalist To You?

안녕하세요 A lot of people mentioning about Living Minimalist. But do you actually understand what is Living Minimalist? Some say living minimalist is to remove all the clutters at home, some say eating simple food is minimalist living as well. So what is living minimalist to you? To me living minimalist is to live in... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine’s Day

안녕하세요 Happy Valentine's Day to all humans living in this world. Valentine's is not only for couples. It is for everyone. Everybody deserves to be loved. Spreading love doesn't need a lot of money or effort. You just need to always be kind, be honest and be the truth of yourself. Thank you to the... Continue Reading →

What Is Your Purpose In Life?

안녕하세요 What is your purpose in life? Do you think this is the most difficult question? I think this is the most difficult question which I actually still don't know how to answer it to date. That is why as I mentioned always why I have this blog page. It is to seek my purpose... Continue Reading →

Affirmations To Boost Your Confidence

안녕하세요 Good Morning Monday... It is another new week after spending a relaxing weekend. How do you start your new week? For me, I start my new week by going through the positive affirmations. I love to go through affirmations every morning because It gives me more positive energy to move forward the new week.... Continue Reading →

Happy Chap Goh Mei and Bye Chinese New Year~~

안녕하세요 Tomorrow marks the last day of Chinese New Year 2020 and everybody will be celebrating Chap Goh Mei Festive. Why celebrate Chap Goh Mei? In pastime, people celebrate Chap Goh Mei to find true love through throwing the mandarin oranges into the sea/river/pond. How? For female, they will throw their mandarin oranges to the... Continue Reading →

12 Things To Always Remember In Life

안녕하세요 When I started my blog, my objective is to search for more happiness information to be shared around and to share more positive energy around. In the same time, is also to search for my soul too. When you are lost and wish to improve your life, you will need to stay positive and... Continue Reading →

Start New Week With Positive Thoughts

안녕하세요 After 1 week of holiday and spending so much time with my loved one, today is the first day I start my work (my full-time job). Of course, I feel lazy and demotivated at first because after 1 week off, however, I need to be firm and move forward. Nobody can be lazying around... Continue Reading →

My Own DIY Sanitizer

안녕하세요Recently due to the Wuhan Coronavirus, everybody starts to get worried about their health and very concern on how fast this virus is spreading around the world. I have read some of the sad negative posts at the social media that Wuhan people deserve it because they have been eating the exotic wildlife and this... Continue Reading →

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