Happiness is enjoying the little things in life. I believe most people will say "I will be happy if........." The If is always there. Me neither. I am going to be very honest, I do complaint alot. I slowly learn that complaining is not helping and complaining without action is not going to resolve any... Continue Reading →

I Now Realise,Nothing Is Perfect

I now realise, Nothing Is Perfect. I get very frustrated when things did not went well as I plan and it did not went well as what I think I want it to be. I get upset and emotional and I start crying. This habit started since I delivered a baby. Each day, I become... Continue Reading →

My ‘Fiete’ Paper Boat

I am guessing everybody will surely have 1 idol that they love and always following them. For me, ever since I love to crochet (which is like 3 years ago), I love crochet amigurumi. One of my favorite amigurumi designers is Lalylala. Recently I completed Fiete Paper Boat. Due to the pandemic, everybody not able... Continue Reading →

Lovely Cinnamoroll Crochet Doll

Recently I saw a video (I think is a Tik Tok video), a new mother is struggling with her new born. She did not sleep well for quite sometime and she is not feeling well. She feel very exhausted and feel like a failure. She just want to be a good mother but it looks... Continue Reading →

What Types Of “Journaling” You Are?

Do you love journaling or do you keep a diary for yourself? I am obsessed with stationary and diary since I’m young. However, I do have problem completing the diary/journal. Every time it will be half way through and I will stop and always end up with a new diary/ journal. I feel bad because... Continue Reading →


This year is also my husband 1st year celebrating Father's Day as a father =) Is a sweet and sweat experience for both of us. Is tiring to become a parents. I sometimes really wonder, how my mom handle the stress when 3 of us are still young. After being a mother, I learn to... Continue Reading →

Mini Flower Pot Crochet

Is Malaysia Full Movement Control Order 3.0 day 11th. Not sure if government is going to extend the movement control. I am hoping for this pandemic to end soon. Praying for good. Recently I notice my mom is a bit crazy with plants. She start to play around with different types of plants and buy... Continue Reading →

Rose Flora Say Hello June 2021

Here we are....Welcoming month of June 2021. Half a year gone with a-lots of ups and downs and this time round another round of lock down for another 2 weeks in Malaysia. Stuck at home with a baby and office works makes it even stressful.I know is going to be a stressful FMCO (Full Movement... Continue Reading →

Lamb Lupo Crochet Doll

I recently completed a cute little doll crochet which I put it to sale at my shopee account. I have done one earlier using the Scheepjes Catona yarn is for my daughter. The end result is cute but I feel the Catona material is bit hard because is mercerised type.So I decided to use the... Continue Reading →

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